Wood Floor Care – What To Do


Vacuum or sweep floor regulary.Remove spills promptly. Use a soft cloth and Bona™ Swedish Formula™ Hardwood Floor Cleaner to clean wet spills. Use a vacuum or broom for dry spills and abrasives.


Place mats at exterior doors to trap sand and grit from incoming traffic. Use area rugs on high traffic pathways and pivot areas: at ends of steps, near doorways, etc. All rugs should allow floors to breathe. Avoid rubber-backed or non-ventilated rugs. When rugs are impractical, periodically check for wear.


Install Bona™ WoodFloorGards™ on ”feet” of furniture.
Maintain the relative humidity in yourhome between 45% and 55% becauseexcessive humidity can cause wood fibers to swell, creating cracks in the finish.


Renew a worn surface with a Bona™
Brand Finish before the wood is exposed.

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