Oshkosh Floor Designs

Decorative hardwood flooring inlays can be used to add a spectacular focal point in a room or used as a transition between rooms. One of the manufacturers that we recommend is Oshkosh Floor Designs.

The following are some examples of hardwood flooring inlays that can be included in your hardwood project:

FSWLZEXC5794876_oshkosh_flooring_inlay1  FSWLZEXC5794876_oshkosh_flooring_inlay2

FSWLZEXC5794876_oshkosh_flooring_inlay3  FSWLZEXC5794876_oshkosh_flooring_inlay4  FSWLZEXC5794876_oshkosh_flooring_inlay5


For additional hardwood flooring inlay ideas please visit the website for Oshkosh Floor Designs: http://www.oshkoshfloors.com


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