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Grill Works wood floor registers are individually crafted to precise specifications. The air flow slat design is patented. Each joint is double-blued and doweled.

Preferred by architects, interior designers and professional floor installers, the Original Flush Model, left, lifts out for easy access to the adjustable metal register installed on the subfloor.

Uncompromising in design and quality Grill Works products are the finest wood floor grills made in the USA.



Solid Block Flush Model

The flush styling is the perfect complement for hardwood floors. Installed on the subfloor, it provides a clean, continuous look. Individually sized to fit within its own frame.

Available in Red Oak, White Oak and Maple Only



Solid Block Insert Model

Put the finishing touch on any floor-hardwood, stone, tile, vinyl or carpet. Replaces the metal register. Drop the vent into the duct opening. The gently rounded rims conceal edge of your flooring. Adjustable damper also available.

Available in Red Oak, White Oak and Maple Only


Egg-Crate Style Flush Model

For maximum air flow, use this traditional egg-crate style 3/8” wide webs. The open area of the Flush Model is the size of the opening, to which 1” wide ends and rails are added and fully doweled to each of the web members. Frames are cut from 1-1/4: wide stock, doweled at each corner. The frame is glued and blind-nailed to the subfloor and the flooring fitted to it. When finish is complete, the vent is placed in the frame.

Insert Model

For applications in floors of any thickness, walls or ceilings, when maximum air flow is desired. The Insert has a self-rimming eased lip ¼” thick and ¾” wide. Fluted dowels secure each web to the web 1 ¼” wide side rails and end pieces.


All vents listed in this brochure are in stock red oak, white and hard maple. All vents are shipped sanded and clean-ready for on-side finish.

Special Orders

Grill Works Produces many custom order vents, variations include one way directional slats for stairwell lighting grids, wall air returns and entertainment center speaker faces. Grill Works carries over species of domestic and exotic woods. If a specific installation requires lot matching of vents to your floor, you may supply 25/32” or ¾” flooring for vent fabrication to our plant. Use your imagination and use your fax or call to see how we can accommodate your needs.

Code Compliance

Grill Works original flush and toe kick models meet current B.O.C.A codes M-305.6.1 for air distribution systems because the patented design use of a standard metal register on the subfloor, and the wood vents do not come in contact with the healing itself.


Orders for stock items are usually shipped within 48 hours of order receipt. Special orders are normally shipped within 5 business days.



Trimline Flush Model

Slim, trim, flush styling with the cleanest look possible. Seats flat on the subfloor. Maybe be installed permanently or as a lift-out vent to the permit cleaning of the duct throat. Delicate looking but though. Adjustable damper also available.



Trimline Insert Model

Insert vent REPLACE the metal register. Cleanly designed with a solid, self-rimming lip to conceal inexact cuts in your surface material. Adjustable damper also available.


Adjustable Damper

The adjustable damper is available is available on the standard sizes listed in this brochure. The damper can be used on the Trim line Insert and Flush with Frame models as well as the Solid Block Insert and Flush with Frame models.



Base Vent

Designed to cover duct openings near the base board – replaces the metal register. The angled face of the base vent covers the entire opening leaving only the detailed craftsmanship to be admired. Use the overall dimensions to determine the size you need to cover opening. Stock sizes available in trim line. Customs available in original or trim line styles.


One Directional Vents (Wall Applications)

The one-way directional vent is one of the most popular custom ordered items. It is the most commonly used in wall mount applications for supply air or return air use. They are available in Flush or Insert models; original or trim line styles.



Original Flush Model

Our “original” Grill Works design, engineered to satisfy the demands of professional floor layers. Each vent is built oversized to cover a standard adjustable metal register installed on the subfloor. The essential ability to control air flow is retained. The patented design allows flush installation in a ¾” floor. Fluted dowel construction.




Original Flush, No Frame

As its name implies, the same vent as the framed model above. Without a frame, the unit satisfies two specific needs:

  1. permits retroffting in existing ¾” floors by routing out an area the size of the wood vent and reinstalling the metal register on the subfloor
  2. provides a more streamline appearance than the framed model, and may be slimmed more by ripping up to ½” off each vent rail at the job site.



Original Insert Model

Designed for use in any thickness flooring of any material. Same size as the metal register it replaces, and overlaps the opening with a ¼” thick ¾” wide self-rimming lip. Specify the exact size of the duct opening. The insert Model replaces any metal register.




Toe Kick Kit

Designed to conceal a standard adjustable metal register installed in the toe space of a cabinet or vanity. Each kit includes one vent, two predrilled mounting blocks with attachment screws and two pairs of adhesive-backed magnetic mountings. The ½” thick mounting blocks are installed prior to fitting the base shoe. The vent is easily removable for access in the metal register. If necessary, the vent height may be reduced by trimming up to 3/8” off each of the top and bottom rails.

Available in original or trimline styles.


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